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Pinar Horn
Submitted by Rolf Buwert
While the Shed is closed I have had to alter the way I have been spending my time (as we all have) and my Beginners Woodturning Class at Castle... more
Bernard Lazenbury from Wigan
Submitted by Michael Sandes
Working From Home! Bernie is from Wigan and attends our shed when he is in Dumfries and Galloway at his static caravan. Unfortunately due to the... more
Submitted by admin
Albert's Lock-down Project "Yes! It's a train set -- sort of. Unlike many railway modellers, I'm not interested in building tiny houses, or... more
Submitted by Rolf Buwert
When you get older, and bits of you don't move the way they should, our doctor sometimes suggests various therapies. Mine said Pilates would help my... more
Submitted by Rolf Buwert
With time on our hands, and the sun shining, I went into my shed this morning and made myself a sundial. It only has hour marks, from 7am to 7pm... more