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We recycle your unwanted stuff and you do your bit for the environment.

We recycle your unwanted stuff and you do your bit for the environment.

Contact us or leave a message on our Facebook page.

Unwanted Goods

Before you throw anything out or cart it off to the tip, please give us a call - we would be very pleased to take the following types of tools and materials off your hands.

  • Lumber and some reusable building materials such as uPVC windows, doors, flooring etc.
  • Old but useable furniture and kitchen units.
  • Bicycles, lawnmowers, ladders and garden tools.
  • Computer equipment, monitors, printers etc.
  • Woodworking power tools and hand tools.
  • Metalworking equipment such as lathes, welding tools, grinders etc..

We are happy to come and collect at your convenience.


The Shed is happy to accept commissions for work. We are very competitively priced, charging only for materials plus a donation. However please bear in mind we only attend shed sessions twice per week for a few hours so if you don't mind waiting on occasion, we can undertake the following work.

  • Refurbishing furniture (i.e. sanding down and refinishing) - for example we recently refurbished some wooden furniture items for the Primary School.
  • Bicycles - If you are looking for a bicycle at a very reasonable price, we can probably help with one rebuilt by us.
  • Small metalcraft - jobs like hanging basket brackets and garden obelisks.
  • Picture framing - we have a well equipped picture framing set up and can frame pictures and photographs at around half the price of commercial picture framers. We make up hardwood mouldings or order mouldings online as we do for mountboards etc.
  • Woodworking - we can undertake most jobs such as shelves, boxes, tables etc. For the garden we make nesting boxes, bird feeders, trellisses, garden arches and so on.

Please bear in mind that we work primarily in the shed and can not undertake large jobs around your property.

Take a look at our projects page to get an idea of the sort of things we can do.

If you have something you wish to donate or need something done, call our secretary, Geoff at 01556 611235, leave a message on our Facebook page or make use of our website contact form.