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In the seventies, Pim along with some smaller items and another similar cat was acquired from Blackpool (retired illumination). were put on the island in the lead up to Civic Daze and stored afterwards in one of the old munitions buildings at Edingham.

Over the years everything but Pim was vandalised, and Pim was heavily damaged. In 2016 the Dalbeattie Men's Shed were asked to rescue Pim, he was repaired, re-illuminated and put on the island on the lead up to Civic Daze.

Pim and his brother set up on the island of the Colliston Park pond.

The Shed has been commissioned to build a trebuchet - a medieval catapult - for The Wiston Lodge near Biggar. We plan to build a counterweight trebuchet that stands about 3.2 metres tall and can theoretically throw a cricket ball about 200 yards.

The Shed recently received a request from Tesco Castle Douglas for a bookcase to store all of their donated books. Michael Sandes and John Lind constructed this and are seen here presenting Tesco with this.

Liz Hunter from Tesco CD with Shed members John Lind and Michael Sandes.