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Dalbeattie Men's Shed wishes to acknowledge the following without whom the Skeoch project would not be possible.

Fiona Sinclair, Archie & Betty Sinclair - donation of Ron Skeoch’s collection of contemporary parts, copies of James B Skeoch’s drawings (9 in total), photographs (4 number) & brochure, original Skeoch radiator badge. February – April 2018.
Martin Shelley – donation from sale of auto jumble March 2018.
Colvend Golf Club – cash donation to Skeoch Project Fund March 2018.
Alan Mazza and the other KCB Investments directors  - for making room available to the Shed for the Skeoch project.
Dr Neil Oliver – contacts, donation of Klaxon and BTH magneto.
T Olley – donation in recognition of Skeoch radiator badge gifted to him by F Sinclair.
James Kinnaird – donation of proceeds from his garden open day.
Richard and Peter Varley – supply of Model T Ford parts.
Legion Scotland, Dalbeattie Branch donated funds to the Skeoch project
Dalbeattie Lions donated funds to the Skeoch project.
Galloway Industrial - Simon McLaughlin donated bearings, pulleys, sprockets, chains, belt and fittings for the Skeoch transmission.
Hexagon Metrology Ltd - Danny Melville 3D scanned the Skeoch radiator badge, and Model T Ford front axle, plus measured key engine/gearbox components in the Shed, and produced 2D &3D result files.
Alan Young Engineering (Auldgirth) - precision machining of supports, pinions, pulleys and shafts, plus donation of aluminium barstock.
Gillian Wilson’s Log Shed - donation of EN8 & EN16T shafts.
Dalbeattie Rotary, for a significant cash donation to the project.
Keith and Christopher Dennison, for the donation of a carburettor and a magneto.
William Kennedy for opening the Orroland Gardens to a Skeoch display and for donation half the Open Day proceeds to the Skeoch project.
Lorna White and Robin Gilchrist for cash donations to the project.
Bill Simpson for fabricating a petrol tank and exhaust, and ongoing advice.
Kevin Thornhill for the donation of sundry fastenings and small components.
Bert and Ruth Dunn Trust for a significant donation to the project.
Dan Skeoch & family [California USA] for a cash donation to the project.
Jas P Wilson for provision of steel round bar, and machining.
GVC Fund, administered by Foundation Scotland, grant towards phase 2 [coachwork]
Jim Tomczyk, Andrew Briggs and Anthony Goadby for cash donations to the project.
Skeoch Supporters