Trebuchet update 25 January 2018

Update 23 January 2018:

Made up and fitted the weight storage brackets, and finished off the name plaque brackets. We fitted some buckles for bungee cords to add some boost to the range.

Finished painting the green sections and the silver parts. Ready for testing on Thursday.

Update 25 January 2018:

We loaded the trebuchet onto a truck we borrowed from Paterson Engineering and took it down to the Islecroft football stadium in Dalbeattie for some testing.

That's basically it for this wonderful project. Geoff Allison is busy making up the instruction booklet and Mike Sandes just needs to do a couple of small modifications. We have scheduled for delivery on Wednesday 7 February 2018 and certainly hope that the staff and children at Wiston Lodge enjoy playing with it as much as we have had making it.

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