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While the Shed is closed I have had to alter the way I have been spending my time (as we all have) and my Beginners Woodturning Class at Castle Douglas has had to be put on hold. One of my students has done the course before and wanted to have a refresher before making a Pinar Horn. This is a thing I wanted to teach anyway, but all those plans are also on hold, so I made a couple myself. One was to practice the timings so that I can use it as a demonstration piece at woodturning clubs, and the other is because my daughter is expecting her first child and a Pinar Horn is like a stethescope/ ear trumpet for listing to the heartbeat of an unborn child. As I was supposed to be going over to the Isle of Man, where my daughter has her home, and the ferries are cancelled, I posted it to her husband, who is fascinated at hearing his child-to-be's 170 beats per minute heartbeat. Maybe when the Shed is open again some of the guys could have a go at making Pinar Horns.


Ed's note: A Pinar horn is a type of stethoscope used to listen to the heart rate of a fetus during pregnancy.

Pinar Horn