The Dalbeattie Men's Shed has, over the years, undertaken hundreds of diverse projects. These are just a few of them.

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Child's Triang Trike Restoration

Occasionally, items arrive at the Shed and we are asked "Can you do something with this?"  That was the question we faced towards the end of last year when a visitor taking a break at his Stewartry holiday home turned up one day with a kiddies trike and wondered if we could give it a new lease of life.

Working From Home!

As a regular visitor to our static caravan from delectable Wigan (home) and attending DMS, my woodworking skills have really improved. This has been due to much friendly guidance from other members. I can now turn a screwdriver the correct way, and cut timber without trimming my nails at the same time.

Keeping Healthy at Home

When you get older, and bits of you don't move the way they should, our doctor sometimes suggests various therapies. Mine said Pilates would help my sore back, and it certainly helps, alas with the shut down I can't get to the village hall so we have to do it by Skype. One of the exercised is 'the plank' which strengthens the core muscles.

Arduino controlled model railway

"Yes! It's a train set -- sort of. Unlike many railway modellers, I'm not interested in building tiny houses, or planting tiny trees. Apart from the locos my interest stops at railhead height.


With time on our hands, and the sun shining, I went into my shed this morning and made myself a sundial. It only has hour marks, from 7am to 7pm because we tend not to be out before 7am, the minutes do not matter, the hours are a vague guide, and by 7pm we don't care what the time is (we've had our tea, and are in evening mode)