Keeping Healthy at Home

Keeping Healthy at Home
Planking on the console table legs.

When you get older, and bits of you don't move the way they should, our doctor sometimes suggests various therapies. Mine said Pilates would help my sore back, and it certainly helps, alas with the shut down I can't get to the village hall so we have to do it by Skype. One of the exercised is 'the plank' which strengthens the core muscles. Last week we did a lot of other exercises, but not the plank, I felt I needed to do it, so while moving a couple of console table legs that I made (at the Galloway Woodturners because they were the only ones with a lathe long/ tall enough) I decided I would do the plank, which I figured out is a good way of doing it while watching things on Youtube because the screen is the right distance away (I only watch very short videos) .

The console table legs are made up of about 26 pieces, glued together, rather than a single piece because a single piece of this size is difficult to get, is likely to split and would be extremely heavy. Just as plywood has better mechanical properties than natural wood so does this 'block/ strip' construction. The only issue is how to clamp it and make sure the glue bonds at all points, it also has to be done in stages as the thing is difficult to hold without it sliding about between the clamps. There are no nails, dowels or other fixings between the components, it is just white pine and glue. 

The customer is going to give the legs a grey lime wash so I just had to give a couple of coats of water based undercoat.

Alas the customer has been waiting many months anyway and then the lockdown means it will be another couple of months before I can deliver. At least I have somewhere to 'plank' and watch Youtube until then.