Aug 2021 – Important Project Milestone Met

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Following the successful exhibition of the Skeoch car in Dalbeattie and points west in July, in August the car exhibits were to the east. On Saturday 28th August we were invited to exhibit the car at Annandale Distillery. This event was particularly poignant because Fiona Sinclair had arranged the visit with Professor David Thomson to allow the car to be driven around his distillery, and by bringing her parents to the event we achieved one of the principal project milestones – drive the Skeoch with Betty Sinclair, daughter the original Skeoch designer and builder, as passenger.

The car, both static and driven, was the centre of attention. Betty was the first family member to ride in the re-creation of her father’s car.

Several more circuits of the Distillery gave the Skeoch a thorough shake-down on this it’s first driven outing.

Following our Distillery visit, the car was displayed statically the following day at the 2021 Dumfries Motor Show where we won The Organiser’s Award.

Skeoch in Annandale Distillery courtyard
Skeoch in Annandale Distillery courtyard
Fiona Sinclair and  Professor Thomson inpect the car.
Archie and Betty Sinclair first meet with the finished Skeoch.
Ready for first circuit of Distillery
Betty Sinclair driven past bonded store.
Betty Sinclair alights.
Flowers for the brave first passenger.
Professor Thomson does a circuit.
Prof Thomson’s mother preparing for her circuit