March 2018 – Scoping the rebuild

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It becomes apparent that the items left to kick-off the Skeoch project are less complete than anticipated. The nine copy drawings do not completely describe the car, there are significant component details missing - such as axles, steering and brake details. The Beardmore Precision engine is short of a magneto, a carburettor, a needle valve and filter/cap for the pilgrim oil lift system. The Burman gearbox is missing a side casing and start sprocket/arm, the clutch looks well worn and the four wheels are modern pressed steel handcart wheels and of dubious load bearing and drive capacity.

On Sunday 11th March, two members (GCA & RGG) were invited to Dr Neil Oliver’s workshop in Castle Douglas where after browsing the drawing copies Dr Oliver handed over a list potential contacts for parts that might be suitable for the Skeoch re-creation. Later on Thursday 29th March two members (GCA & GFT) attended the Borders Men’s ShedFest at Galashiels where contact was made with Borders Shedders involved with rebuilds and ownership of Model T Fords & Austin 7s – both of which may be suitable donor models to the Skeoch project.
On the positive side the project (which will be funded by cash ring-fenced from normal Shed accounts) received small donations from Martin Shelley and Colvend Golf Club to kick-start our dedicated Skeoch fundraising. Shed members also raised funds by selling commemorative dye sublimation printed mugs at the Easter Saturday Coffee Morning.
March 2018 – Scoping the rebuild
The Beardmore ‘Precision’ engine.
The engine and the steel handcart wheels.
Skeoch coffee mug printed on our Dye Sublimation printer.